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There are literally thousands of volunteers who represent the passion and commitment behind the scenes which enable The Freecycle Network™ to function as a grassroots and nonprofit gifting movement.

Within your local Group

Do you have some time available to help at events or to be trained as a moderator? To contact your local Group, go to your home page and click 'Contact the Mod Team'

Share a skill

Do you have a skill you could volunteer to help Freecycle. We are wlays looking for help in areas such as graphics, fund-raising and networking? Contact

Offer ideas

Let us know what you think would improve the Freecycle experience - contact

Mentor Mods Team Member (MMods)

This position requires varying amounts of time depending on the interest of the individual Mentor Mod. This role is purely a peer-to-peer role in which one offers tips, guidance and what not to a typically newer local volunteer moderator. It's a sort of big brother / big sister type concept -- a nice extra way to help newbie mods. This position requires probably a good year of experience moderating a local TFN group under your belt and a desire to help and an open and patient heart. The Mentor Mod team also heads the Disaster Relief Temps project ~ if you wish to learn how to have a mod take care of your group in the event of a disaster or if you're interested in volunteering to serve in one of the positions above, please contact the MMod Team at

Graphics Team Member

This position requires that you have graphic design abilities and a desire to help other local mods put together a nifty new graphic for their local graphics/description which incorporates our logo with nice surrounding graphics that reflect the spirit of the local community. It requires good interpersonal skills in working wtih local mods to figure out their wishes The time commitment varies greatly depending on your wishes to do more or less. This is a small team with creative design energy. It does not require a great deal of moderation experience. If you're interested, please contact the Graphics Team at volunteer at

Moderator Resource Assistance Team (MRA)

This team is responsible for making sure that all the moderator groups function smoothly and are responsible for the day-to-day task of making sure the questions mods have get answered. Only a few team members are needed for these roles. Candidates for this position would need to be seasoned TFN moderators who are familiar with TFN guidelines, the mod manual and functionality of the mod groups. Diplomatic skills are also a must. If you are interested in learning more about this team's duties, contact Ann at

New Group Appprover Team Member (NGA)

Each state or region has one NGA who is responsible for approving all new groups for that area. This position requires varying amounts of time depending on the area, ranging from a brief daily check-in of approximately 15 minutes a day to a half hour a day. Additionally, it requires membership in the NGA Yahoo Group as well with occasional interaction with the Group Outreach and Assistance volunteer who handles any issues of concern with group overlaps and other issues. A qualified volunteer will also possess basic geographic knowledge of the state or region in question or is adept at map reading skills and a solid familiarity with TFN guidelines & Mod Manual. If you're interested, please contact NGACoordinator at

Group Outreach and Assistance Team Member (GOA)

This position is usually promoted from other team positions within the Network as we've found the experience and knowledge base from these teams to be beneficial to the volunteer prior to taking on the responsibilities that come with GOA. Qualified volunteers can be an exception. Candidates for this position must be extremely tactful; have a good grasp on the written word; be friendly and insightful; be willing to devote several hours a week to the 'job;' be familiar with the workings of Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Messenger; have strong problem solving and diplomatic skills. Potential volunteers for this position must have a complete understanding of the workings of TFN, its guidelines, and what is appropriate for groups and moderators. A solid familiarity with the Moderator's Manual is a strong plus. Please note that this is a time consuming position; ample time for volunteering is required. If you're interested in learning more, please contact the GOA Coordinator, at

Trademark Team Member (TM Team)

This position requires a great degree of responsibility with varying time commitments depending on the specific role. Generally, you will have a great deal of experience as a Freecycle moderator before assuming a role in this team. Likely, you'll have gained experience previously in another team before doing a role here. It requires a high degree of attention to detail, and a great deal of diplomatic care in working to help educate local moderators regarding proper mark useage as well as in working with external entities. If you're interested, please contact the TM Team at

Interim Mod Team Member (IMod Team)

IMod team members work directly with local groups whose owner has left, to find and help new local moderators get started. The main goal of the IMod Team is to recruit and train new moderators for local groups. Team vacancies are normally filled by referrals. Candidates for an IMod Team position must have the ability to communicate effectively and the understanding of Freecycle guidelines is essential. Although this volunteer postition requires a significant amount of time daily, it is also a very rewarding opportunity. If applying, please include at least two references that can be confirmed, such as neighboring moderators, GOA, etc. Interested volunteers should contact the Interim Moderator Team Co-Leaders at