Miscellaneous items


Miscellaneous items

  • Pike Creek, Delaware
  • July 17, 2021

I have a bunch of different things available if anyone is interested. Please email me at with the item(s) you're interested in.

2 glass votive candles & a pink votive candle (all 3 go together)


Battery operated Tea light

Hand painted wooden doll

5 pkgs of photo paper 

Navy blue thicker plastic drawstring bag…possibly a laundry bag??

Black & white zebra print cosmetic size bag with pink interior & mirror

Canvas & clear cosmetic size bag with green trim

Black canvas & mesh bag with zipper that held a duffle bag (print is on the other side…maybe could put a pair or 2 of shoes when traveling??)

Hanging black canvas bag with 2 sections on either side

Melty beads craft (dog)

Piece of stiff black felt (triangle piece missing)

Cassette tapes (2)

Utensils for a mess kit

Glass rooster top

5 Religious CDs & 2 CD-Roms from multiple summer church/Bible camps (fun songs for kids) - take all

4 CDs - Inner Peace, Piano Therapy, Romantic Piano, & Forever Love (take all 4)

Curious George DVD 

The Letter Sounds Song CD

2 Sudoku puzzle books (take both)

large blue plastic Sun-Sat pill case

purple plastic Mon-Sun pill case & bottom is a bigger compartment (you can swing the little arm for AM or PM)

unused small rug with names & date (personalized with Doug & Jamie 2011) on it if someone wants it or knows someone that could use

Small rub-on mustache sticker

Hand wrappings for “boxing”, black color (for hitting small punching bags, etc)

Computers Don’t Byte book - this is slightly outdated as it was copyrighted in 2001, however it gives TONS of great websites, a teacher might find this a helpful resource

Asthma Stuff book - has lots of information & an asthma diary

1996 Nursing Drug Handbook

2001 Nursing Drug Handbook

Edible Tardis picture for cake

Cushion stand & wrap, still in packaging, never used

Purple sparkly keychain, still in packaging, never used

Cell phone stand, blue plastic

Fan to plug into cell phone, never used, still in packaging 

Disney Cars stocking, tag still on, never used




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