Large, heavy L-shaped oak office desk


Large, heavy L-shaped oak office desk

  • Indianapolis - West Side
  • October 26, 2021

This desk is about 30 years old, still does the job but I've upgraded from this as well and it needs a new home. I don't have the dimensions from when it was fully assembled, it is approximately 6' long on each side and about 2' deep, about 29" tall. In the assembled view, you can see the hutch (which is easily detachable) and the keyboard drawer; the drawer would normally be installed underneath the right side of the desk. I no longer have the assembly instructions, but all hardware is included, and most pieces will only fit together in one way, so hopefully the image below is enough - what you can't see very well is the two boards that fit side-by-side to make the supporting corner, and the two longer boards that attach to that corner and to the left end (with drawers) and the right end. The desk is currently disassembled - note in that picture that the pieces take up quite a bit of space, and that the piece that holds the drawers is unlikely to fit in a hatchback or even some trunks. From experience, I do not recommend trying to put this in a car; if you have access to a truck or an SUV, you're much better off.

It is possible to assemble the desk by yourself, although I do not recommend it. One of the support pieces is missing an anchor because a foolish person (me) attempted to move the desk 90 degrees by himself. Definitely do not do that - once it is assembled, it is sturdy and heavy, get some help to move it. The individual pieces are more bulky than heavy, but there are quite a few of them. This desk was built to last.

I'm happy to help you load the pieces into your vehicle, but you will probably want to arrange help to unload them when you get them home. Since this is wood, I'll leave it inside and we can load it up when you arrive - no need to expose it to rain if we can avoid that.

original post date: 2021-08-23

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