Wood pieces needed


Wood pieces needed

  • Nw Indy
  • August 31, 2021

We need some wood for a project to repair a broken storage chest, if you have some left over...

- Not treated

- In decent shape, not warped/rotted/cracked (on edges ok)

- Prefer unpainted, but some paint is ok, just not stained

Among the pieces, we need a few specific pieces that are at least this size or bigger (we will cut them to size):

- flat piece or pieces of plywood or composite/pressed board at least 17"x45"

- piece or pieces of 2x4 or 1x4 that are at least 17" long

- smaller wood also welcome, and we will use for crafts and firewood, if you want us to take it off your hands

We can pick it up, no contact - or can meet somewhere. We will wear masks. We are NW of Indy in Zionsville area, so just looking to travel within 5-10 miles of there. Just let us know when is good for you.

 Thank you!! 

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