Free Electric Dryer


Free Electric Dryer

  • Franconia-newington
  • September 12, 2021

20 year old clothes dryer that still works. I always use the dryer's moisture detection setting to not overdry my clothes, although it still has the normal timer-based settings. The moisture sensor is working when the moisture monitor light on the front of the machine is either steady of flickering. The dryer's temperature setting never really worked and I figured that out after warrenty expired.  Basically, you have perfectly fine hot air or air fluff dry (room temperature). Washer has to be replaced and we're looking for a stackable solution to our small launcry room.

This dryer is electric only.

Dryer has a 4 prong electric power cord. It is NOT the common standard 3 prong plug. Your wall outlet must also be a 4 prong outlet. 

Maytag Model # is MDE4000AYW. Dryer model number can also be seen in one of the photos. 

Serious replies only. You must be able to remove it from the laundry room and haul it away yourself. Laundry Room is on the bottom floor. As such, there is only 1 step down involved, no staircases. It will be unplugged and ready for your arrival. I am in no way able to move the dryer. Also, please make sure you have a suitable vehicle ready to transport it as it is a standard size dryer.

Please let this dryer find a nice home. I'm trying to keep it out of the scrap yard because it still works perfectly fine.

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