Tanning Bed. PPU ONLY


Tanning Bed. PPU ONLY

  • September 13, 2021

OK, so here's the thing.… This thing worked absolutely perfectly before we moved. It was damaged during the move. 

All the bulbs are intact and there's no visible damage that would tell me why it is currently not working. I am absolutely sure there is a loose fuse or something electrical inside the unit that was knocked loose during the move. 

I am giving this away for free to someone who thinks they might be able to fix it. It's actually a great tanning bed. It doesn't require a special 220 outlet you can simply just use two normal 110 outlets and it works perfectly. Also, the extra bulbs are the super dark tanning kind but are not installed right now.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to flip this item and sell it for a few hundred dollars or keep a luxury for themselves in their home. There is a small crack on the bottom plexiglass that doesn't affect how the bed functions at all. It's been there forever and never bothered me. This is hard for me to give away and I am sad to let it go. But free to a good home! ;-)

No holds XPosted 

2 people needed to lift and move but not heavy at all.

If the add is up, it's still available.  PPU ONLY No address provided until pickup time is confirmed. 

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