Couch and chaise lounge sofa


Couch and chaise lounge sofa

  • September 26, 2021

Ok. I have a WELL USED/fair condition couch and chaise lounge sofa. They began as off white and very high end pieces of furniture. I bought then 2nd hand and they were in very good condition. 

But then, alas, my two dogs took these lovely pieces of furniture and BROKE THEM IN. They slept on them. They played tag on them. One dog even played "find a treasure in the crack" with the chaise lounge. But they NEVER used them as a potty spot!

They are beat up and not in pristine condition. But! They are comfortable........and FREE


We bought new couches, waited a bazillion a months to get them(covid), and now we can finally relinquish these two antique gems.

Smoke free (but not canine free) home

Pick up is Warwick and Maxwell 





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