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As Moderator, you will occasionally encounter glitches with the system, and you will hear from members who suspect things aren't working the way they should. This section tells you where to report problems and describes the information you need to provide when reporting problems. Use the who, what, when, and where approach to analyze the error and learn where to report the error.

Always include your Town group name and Unique TFN Group ID number which are found on your Information page.

Before reporting an error, take a moment to find out if it's a known issue.

Where to report an error

First, choose the appropriate site for reporting your problem. There are four choices:

  1. Tech Discussion Group/(formerly known as FIOD) -- You can post any technical problem or question on FIOD and get a quick response by other moderators. The tech team also monitors FIOD and will take care of problems that need attention. Click here for more information on how to join.
  2. For members only -- If your error involves a member experiencing anything you don't know how to fix, nor does anyone on FIOD, Here is how your member can contact us.
  3. For Moderators only -- If the error can't be resolved through FIOD, contact Always include your Group name and Unique TFN Group ID number which are found on your Information page. Please don't give the SiteModhelp address to members.
  4. Any other issue that doesn't fit into the above categories -- please refer your member to our Support team for help.

Please note: If you are a member of a team, please report technical issues to your Team Leader rather than going through FIOD or SiteModHelp. See your team's wiki for more information.

How to report an error

When reporting an error, a proper who, what, when and where error report must include the following.

These are mandatory:

  • The group name or number.
  • The User ID or email address.
  • Post ID (if relevant)
  • The name of virus protection being used.
  • The name of ad blocker being used.
  • The web browser being used.
  • The operating system being used.
  • The name of the internet provider and if it is dial up, or broad band, or a wireless hot spot Wi-Fi, or Satellite, or FIOS, DSL
  • The URL of the page the error happened. Example: or etc.
  • Which computer is being used, example, a work computer - a library computer - a smart phone (include brand, i.e. iPhone or Windows or Android)

These are helpful and may be asked in follow up emails:

  • Describe (or provide screen shot) of error message displayed on screen
  • Describe what steps you have already tried. Example: I used a different browser - I shut down the computer using the Ctrl + f5 key for a fresh restart - I closed and reopened the browser - I tried a different browser - I tried a different computer - I tried a different ISP provider - I cleared the browsers cache - I cleared browser cookies - I cleared browsers temp internet files - I removed saved passwords from the browser - I removed bookmark and typed to get the newest cookie then re-bookmarked the newer page

Inappropriate ads on

Pop up ads

Noisy ads. If you or a member of yours has noticed a particularly annoying ad on with sound and you'd like to report this for removal please take the following steps:

  1. Do a screenshot of the page showing the exact ad. This site explains how to take screenshots for multiple devices:
  2. Quickly right mouse click on the ad and then on "Inspect Element". On some browsers it might say simply "Inspect". Scroll down in this code to where the SOVRN or OpenX part starts in the "code" and screenshot that too (this code line may also be green or highlighted). If this does not work, hover over ad, right click and copy link location.
  3. For mobile device users:
    • Android: In the Chrome browser, go to the website you want to inspect. In the address bar, type "view-source:" before the "http" and reload the page.The whole elements of the page will be shown.
    • IOS: From the Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab. Select Show Develop menu in menu bar. Now click Develop from the menu bar, click Show Web Inspector.
  4. Email both screenshots to

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