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Brighton Freecycle Rules & Etiquette (Updated January 2024)

01. Due to the increase in telephone and online scams personal details including Full Postcodes, Street Names, Email addresses & Telephone numbers, including Mobiles, are NOT allowed. This prevents the malicious misuse of useful information and posts will be edited to remove such information.

02. When you post an offer or wanted, post it *ONLY* to your home group (the one you reside in or are closest to). If you haven't received a response after 2 days, then post it to the next nearest group and so on and so on. This Freecycle group has a waiting time of 48 hours before allowing posts from other Freecycle groups. Cross-posting has a number of undesirable effects, the least of which is members are put off when seeing the same post on several local groups.

03. Each member is limited to THREE (3) wanted posts per fortnight (two weeks, 14 days). Each wanted post will be limited to requesting ONE (1) specific item (e.g. Double wardrobe or bedroom furnishings). Please do NOT repeat your 'Wanted' posts for at least 14 days.

04. Please do not use emotive language in a wanted posting. Words such as 'desperate' or 'urgent' or 'please help', may result in your post being edited or rejected.

05. Please do not pad out a wanted posting with personal information about why you want the item.

06. This group does not allow traders, resellers, car booters or ebay sellers.

07. SCAMS - If you respond to a post & the respondent asks for money, DO NOT send them any money. Instead, forward the email to the moderators and we will remove them from the Freecycle community.

08. DO NOT place posts for businesses, services, volunteers or jobs.

09. DO NOT place posts for pets / animals / livestock. We do not have the resources to verify their health or background.

10. We cannot accept 'Wanted' posts for scrap metal dealers as we do not have the resources to verify their licences.

11. Please do not ask to swap items, borrow/loan items or ask/offer money for an item. Posts containing such material will be rejected and the member put back on moderation.

12. Due to British law regarding gas, waste and safety regulations, we are unable to accept posts for mains gas appliances i.e. cookers, fires and boilers. Pressurised gas bottles include calor gas, butane canisters and fire extinguishers. Oil tanks are an environmental risk and there are laws that prevent them being passed on or illegally disposed of.

13. For safety reasons, all members should be aware of potential risks regarding baby and child equipment and we advise you check our files or contact the moderator team for further information.

14. When making a post, please be aware that not all of our members are familiar with text/internet speak. Please take this into consideration when composing a post.

15. When responding to a post, please make your response as polite as possible. Many members are offended by short, curt replies & will be unlikely to respond to you.

16. Please do not post in capital letters. THIS IS CONSIDERED RUDE SHOUTING.

17. DO NOT make a proviso that a member can have an offered item if they will dismantle items that should be done by a professional i.e. tree surgery or felling, mains gas fires, cookers, boilers or that they must tidy or make good an area upon removal.

18. Charitable organisations/schools/nurseries wishing to request items must send to the moderator team the name, registered charity number and website url of the charity. An authorised member of the charity should e-mail( using the charity email.

19. If you are not receiving responses to your posts, it may be because your email provider is recognising Freecycle as spam. To resolve this issue, please add * to your contacts or address folder.

Brighton Freecycle Moderators Team.