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How to send and receive messages

Dear members,

This is just a reminder from the moderator: messaging on takes place on the website, not via email. If you made or replied to a post and have had no responses, make sure you log into the website and check for new messages. If you have new messages, the envelope icon near the top right of the website will show a number next to it. Click the icon and choose 'Replies to others posts' or 'Replies to my posts'. Type your reply in the message window and click Send.

Please note that although you may receive an email notification when you have a new message, you still have to go on the website to reply, as you cannot reply to the email notification.

If you have questions or concerns, please click the envelope icon, then 'Contact Moderator' to send us a message. Remember to check back online for our reply. You can also find online help if you click the green circle with the question mark and start typing your query in the pop-up help screen.

Thank you for being a part of!