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Haringey Freecycle(R) Rules and Guidelines

These rules were created to keep our group running smoothly. Breaking them tends to make other members post less, stop checking the site, or leave the group. Thank you for your cooperation and for making Freecycle so successful!If you see a post which breaks these rules, please use the "Contact Moderator" link or go to https://groups.freecycle.org/group/HaringeyUK/contact_moderators and tell us about it.

COVID-19 Suggestions:

Despite lockdown easing, measures to prevent the spread of the virus are essential, and thus we strongly suggest the following rules.
Reminder: Participating in Freecycle with symptoms of Covid-19 is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  1. All posts should describe how social distancing will be done to ensure both parties' safety. Examples include leaving the item outside at a specific time, disinfecting it, or stating masks must be worn.
  2. Avoid public transport where possible;
  3. Meet outside and keep a 2-metre distance from other Freecycle members;
  4. After handling an item, use disinfecting hand-gel before touching your face;
  5. Wipe down the item if possible or leave it untouched for 3 days.

General Rules

Members that contravene these rules will have their post removed or, in severe cases, be removed from the group.
  1. Do not use Freecycle to sell an item or offer money for an item.
  2. Do not indicate the value of an item in your post, even if you intend to give it away for free.
  3. Do not request money to cover shipping costs. If you must post an item you're giving away, you must pay for the postage.
  4. Do not offer to trade, lend or borrow items. Items must be given away, without any conditions.
  5. The following are forbidden: animals, alcohol, tobacco, weapons (including knives), profane or sexual content, medications (including supplements), and dangerous items.
  6. Services must not be offered or requested. Only items can be exchanged through Freecycle.
  7. Do not include personal contact information (home address, email address or phone number) in your post.
  8. Do not leave items outside for "first-come-first-serve" collection. Collection should be arranged on a one-on-one basis.
  9. Do not post "wanted" posts for the same item more frequently than once a month.
  10. This group is for Haringey and neighbouring boroughs. Please ensure you are in the correct group for your area.

Tips for posting:

These are not mandatory, but to ensure the group runs as smoothly as possible, please consider the following when posting on Freecycle:
  • Keep your post short but descriptive - the more concise, the better.
  • If you intend to resell an item after receiving it, you must indicate this in your post.
  • Include a picture. Only one picture is allowed, so if you want to include multiple pictures, you will have to stitch them together in an image editor.
  • If the item's model is listed on a store website, include a link to the product page.
  • If the item is big and heavy and might need a trailer or several people to move it, specify that in your post.
  • Indicate when you will be available for the item to be collected.

Tips for arranging collection:

  • When responding to an offer, let the other member know when you can collect in your first response.
  • If you make arrangements to pick something up or have something picked up, tell the other member as soon as possible if you are unable to commit (or if you're going to run late), and offer to reschedule.
  • If you offer an item to another member, don't give it away to someone else beforehand, unless there is a good reason. If you do, tell the other member as soon as possible.

Freecycle Etiquette

  • We are all volunteers and we've got a great little community here, so when both parties arrange a meeting time, it is essential to try as much as possible to stick to it.
  • When picking up items, it is basic good manners to accommodate the giver as much as possible in terms of scheduling (after all they are giving you something you need, and asking nothing in return except that you will show up when you say so). Similarly, many members also highlight the frustration one can feel when they are trying to pick up an item and the giver keeps cancelling or pushing the time back.
  • Also (unless the giver tells you otherwise) assume that they would like you to come by as soon as you can to take away the item.
  • Givers - you might want to wait until you get a handful of responses before responding, and then pick whomever you like! Consider giving your local charity preference if one should respond.


Be aware! It is up to each member of Freecycle when arranging for pickup of the item being given away to be appropriately aware of the potential risk of having "a stranger" come to your home to pick something up. Freecycle as an organisation assumes no responsibility for this risk. Arrange to meet in a public place if you prefer to be cautious.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through!

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