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At the Holidays - Consider what you offer and consider what you request


One of the effects of Freecycle an unexpected benefit apart from the original purpose is that it helps those who make too much to qualify for aid but still struggle financially.

With the Holiday Season approaching, please consider the following:

If you go shopping and are due a free Turkey, Ham, etc and can not use it, please take get it anyway and post it as an offer. As expensive as things are some families may be in a position where they do not qualify for a food pantry but still can not afford food.

The same goes for buy one get one free items. If you are buying the item anyway and just will not use the "get one free" item, please get it anyway and post it. That bag of apples or potatoes or can of vegetables may help make a meal for a person or family in need.

In terms of requests:

Please do not request high ticket items. While there are many sad situations in the world, please do not post yours. Just get to the point. If you are looking for Holiday gifts and have younger children or adults or may not care so much about the gift packaging consider requesting used versions of items they would really like. In plan terms, be practical, be considerate and do not be greedy.

And most importantly be SAFE. When doing exchanges consider meeting in a well lit public place. Tell a friend or family member you are going to meet a person. Be careful who you let in your home. While I'd like to believe all on her are honest and trustworthy and I do give the benefit of the doubt, we have no way of truly screening people. So use sense and be careful.