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Message to All Members Regarding Rules and Etiquette

Dear members,


We have had a recent increase in bumped posts. You may re-post after 7 days only. Reposting before this, whether to bump your post to the top of the list, or for any other reason, will not be tolerated.  We advise that you don't mark your posts as taken until it's been collected, as non-collection will not be accepted as an excuse to re-post. If you want to add something to an existing post, you have the option to edit it. Duplicate posts, and posts that have been cancelled, marked as taken, or received, and thereafter re-posted, will be removed.


We need to clarify what needs to be entered in the space for general location. As some members have been confused by this. This is YOUR location. You need enter a location so that members have an idea how far they need to travel for any OFFERS or how close you are for any WANTED items. If you are unsure of your location (yes, this happens more often than you might think), find a recent utility bill, and enter the postcode for your address. Never enter your full address. To avoid filling this in each time you post, there is a general location field under My Settings. Acceptable locations are your town, area of the town or part, or all of your postcode. E.G. Taunton, Galmington, TA1 or TA1 1AB.

Although Freecycle.org is an international organization, this is a local group, so it is not necessary to add Somerset to the location. Members of this group are not based in New Zealand or the USA. They have their own groups.


Please do not include a price on your post. All items are given free of charge. Although it may not be your intention to charge, some members do look at it as being guilted into offering a donation, which would be unacceptable. Additionally, including a price results in your posts going in pending, which creates more work for our volunteers.


Lastly, may we kindly remind you to let gifters know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment.



Taunton Moderator.